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Pop-up- Studio Brief

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Karim Soliman     March 31, 2015    



Experimental Design Research Studio
DIA Summer Semester 2015

By Karim Soliman


“We tend to view architecture as permanent, as aspiring to the status of monument. And that kind of architecture has its place. But so does architecture of a different sort.”

Allison Arieff, The New York Times; article “it is time to rethink ‘temporary’”.


Pop-up  studio will concentrate on a topic of small scale but of high complexity; to design a temporary structure.Such topic has been always an interesting challenge for architects because of its wide range of possibilities to demonstrate different scientific and technological advancements and more directly shape the future of our physical and virtual environment.

Working with different materials to achieve better structures, using digital fabrication methods to reduce building costs and creating new tectonics that serve our needs of tomorrow; these are some of the challenges that we face today.

Temporary structures are usually created for a specific event. They can vary in size, function and life span. In this semester, we will be focusing on events like World Expo Dubai 2020, Venice Biennale, Serpentine Pavilion, international Automotive fairs (IAA Frankfurt, Paris..etc), Milan Design week, Fashion Houses, Music Festival and  Themed Festivals ( Burning Man).


Students will select remarkable temporary buildings and will start analyze them. Later they will be asked to choose a client and an event where the client will be represented. After an extensive research about both the client and the event itself, students will define a program and design concept for their pavilion. This will be followed by successive research and experimentation to investigate material and digital fabrication techniques in order to deliver their original design proposals.


Studio Excursion we will go to Milan in May to the world Expo Milan 2015.



Enrollment is open now !
Students who are interested, kindly join the studio group and write on the wall (First choice or Second choice)
Studio Group link :