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CAD Logic Soliman - Course Brief

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Karim Soliman     March 31, 2015    


CadLogic compulsory course
DIA Summer Semester 2015

Intro to Digital Fabrication Methods

By Karim Soliman


“Architecture continually informs and is informed by its modes of representation and construction, perhaps never more so than now, when digital media and emerging technologies are rapidly expanding what we conceive to be formally, spatially and materially possible. Digital fabrication, in particular, has spurred a design revolution, yielding a wealth of architecture invention and innovation”.

"Lisa Iwamoto - Book 'Digital Fabrications, Architectural & Material Techniques'"

How Designs use digital fabrication and material techniques to calibrate between virtual model and physical artifact is the subject of this course.


This semester, we will explore innovative fabrication techniques in architecture, employing digital tools and technologies such as: sectioning, tessellating, folding, contouring and forming.

We will have 5 Groups each invistigating one of these previous techniques. find the latest projects have used these techniqes in digital fabrication. After we learn from previous experiments each group will start to design there own pavilion and prepare a final tender for the pavilion and will fabricate a mockup for it. 

All students will participate to realize the best pavilion to be used in the campus festival in July!


We will use rhino + grasshopper to create these projects and prepare it to be digitally fabricated



Enrollment is open now !
Students who are interested, kindly join the course group and write on the wall (First choice or Second choice)
course Group link :