International Partnerships

Work and study exchange programmes for DIA students

DIA students have the opportunity to spend one semester studying at a partner institution while continuing to earn credits towards their degree. DIA’s faculty partnership network covers 36 institutions worldwide. Many partnerships, such as the EU’s Erasmus programme, offer financial support to students who wish to study at other participating institutions. Spending a semester abroad can be an exciting, rewarding opportunity to see the field of architecture from a fresh perspective and experience new cultures.

Choosing the right destination:

Currently the Faculty of Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation has agreements with the schools itemised below, and the list is growing all the time. These partnerships were formed after analysing the course content and teaching environment for compatibility with the study progression of DIA students. The broad range offers everything from the pragmatic to the truly adventurous, with opportunities to learn new languages, ways of life, and of creating architecture. The cost of living can be somewhat higher than in Dessau and the semester may also follow a different calendar (start earlier/end later/different holidays etc.)

International Cooperations with DIA