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Design by Algorithm - Course Brief

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Krassimir Krastev     April 1, 2015    




Design by Algorithm
Prof. Krassimir Krastev



A building’s skin is not only its envelope. It is the somatic membrane that separates and at the same time connects the building’s interior to the environment. It filters light, heat, air, moisture and noise transfer between inside and outside. The building’s skin may be interactive with people or environmental forces. The skin’s texture is among the first impressions a visitor gets from a building and defines its aesthetic identity.

Computation has been embraced by architectural practices, especially when it comes to designing building skins. Since the end of the 90’s a vast variety of computational tools have been developed for paneling, patterning, planarization; analysis of solar gain, light transmission, acoustics, and many more. This semester we will explore the rich palette of existing tools and we will code procedures customized to generate and analyze unique building skin concepts.

The students will develop façade and roof systems for buildings of their choice. The projects are expected to demonstrate both aesthetical and performance-driven qualities. Digital sketches or physical mock-ups of details and interfaces, accompanied with physical or computational simulations of the skin’s performance will aid the design process. Ultimately, analysis and experimentation will lead to the development of computational algorithms to generate complex building skin systems.

Computational Building Constructions

This semester is the first of three to explore the applications of computation in design of building constructions, successively developing studies on the topics of Skin, Skeleton and Networks in architecture. Skin refers to cladding, roofs, glazing, etc. the Skeleton is basically a building’s structure, and the Networks topic investigates infrastructural and spatial assemblages of building components.


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