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Space and Volume - Course Brief

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Beeke Bartelt     April 1, 2015    




Sketching and Drawing in Meissen and Dresden

Prof. Angelika‐Christina Brzóska


The course begins with studying and analysing a 360° panorama, a picture‐ design by Yadegar Asisi that shows Dresden in the year 1945. After that, we experience a new Dresden more than 50 years after that time. We will walk the most interesting ways through the city and talk about the planning aspects that formed the existing urban spaces. We will discover exciting parts of Dresden and later also the old town Meissen that is located nearby. Our impressions and ideas will be the inspiration for drawing architecture in Dresden and in Meissen.

Materials: Students need sketchbooks, pens and pencils as well as a stool.


Enrollment is open now !
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