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Bauhaus Museum- Studio Brief

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Ralf Niebergall     March 31, 2015    


Studio SS15
Bauhaus Museum
Studio master: Prof. Ralf Niebergall


BAUHAUS MUSEUM DESSAU – another statement


Right now an architectural competition is running to design a BAUHAUS MUSEUM in Dessau at the edge of the city centre and the city park. One could ask if this is the end of the Bauhaus-idea. Is it possible, to put the claim of the Bauhaus, not only to design products and buildings but having a fundamental impact on the society in politics, economy, culture and everyday life into a Museum- box? How to exhibit a school? How to exhibit the idea of a laboratory of the Modern which still dominates the thinking in the modern movement, going beyond design towards complex solutions that integrate social and natural sciences, high-level technologies and economic visions and demands? The studio will trace these questions, integrating your individual experiences with the Bauhaus and the little town Dessau and considering contemporary demands and strategies to convey ideas instead of just displaying objects and history. It is about designing a BAUHAUS MUSEUM that highlights the actuality of the ideas and program, the vitality of the heritage and the importance of the Bauhaus for the contemporary time on about overall 3.500 m² (2100 m² exhibition space). But not necessarily on the same site, not necessarily following the intended exhibition strategies, even not necessarily in one single building. Therefore we call it “another statement”. You will choose the focus of Your own statement: is it the relationship between Bauhaus and the realities and desires of the city Dessau, is it the relationship between Bauhaus innovation and contemporary visions of the future built environment, or be it the relationship between the Bauhaus approach to a new exhibition design and contemporary opportunities of conveying knowledge and ideas using new technologies, interactive media and considering changing habits in perception. An excursion is not mandatory, but is recommended, to visit some “state of the art” design museums or thematic exhibitions.


Enrollment is open now !
Students who are interested, kindly join the studio group and write on the wall (First choice or Second choice)
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