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Museum Der Moderne - Studio Brief

SS15 PROJECT_POSTED_BY Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge     March 31, 2015    


Studio SS15
Museum Der Moderne
Studio Master Prof. Meyer-Grohbrügge


In November 2014 the state budgetary committee of Germany grants the budget to build a new museum that should host different collections of art of the 20th century to be build at the Culture Forum Berlin. The competition will be announced soon and be one of the most interesting among architects this year.


The Berlin Kulturforum with its museums, concert halls, libraries and institutes, is among the very important cultural sites of Germany. Many well-known and unique institutions are located here, including the New National Gallery, designed by Mies van der Rohe and the Philharmonie and Chamber Music Hall-home of the famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the Neue Staatsbibilothek (Berlin State Library) with its sensational reading room and, last but not least, the Gemäldegalerie.


Despite of its famous and fabulous buildings the Culture Forum is a wasteland caused by urban mistakes in the past and a lack of an overall concept today.


Groups links will be available here on the 1st of April at 8:00pm


The new museum has to stand (up) between Mies and Scharoun but also be able to unite the Cultural Forum and change the atmosphere of the whole area.


 This semester we will try to find answers to this difficult urban situation but also concern ourselves with the question of what it means to exhibit today and how this program can or should be connected to the city. 


We will look at and analyse many different examples of museums in Berlin and on our study trip that leads to famous examples in Denmark and Sweden.


Enrollment is open now !
Students who are interested, kindly join the studio group and write on the wall (First choice or Second choice)
Studio Group link :